Jungle Modular Wall Paper Tiles

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Jungle Modular Wall Paper Tiles

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Originally a form of bhitti-chitra (wall art), the ancient art form of Madhubani painting has a rich heritage rooted in the rhythms of Hindu ritual life. Predominantly a feminine expression passed down from mother to daughter, the themes and motifs of Madhubani are drawn from a palette of mythical figures, gods and goddesses, ritual activity and very importantly, local flora and fauna and animals. Rites of passage from birth to death are also accompanied by ritual painting on the walls of houses. Until recently this was exclusively a women’s art handed down within the home.


Modular wall paper tiles telling the story of a tropical forest and its inhabitants, with the message of expanding settlement and deforestation Madhubani hand painted tiles of 11 square inches each with locally available natural bazaar colours on hand-made cardboard paper Sets of 7 tiles
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Material Madhubani

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