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  • To map and position, communities of artists and craftspeople across India, as an innovative, ecologically sustainable and unique cultural legacy.
  • To interface time-honoured skills and practices with modern-day themes and designs, generating renewed rural livelihood.
  • To set international standards for cross-cultural artistic collaboration.
  • To empower the communities of skilled poor with their inherent creative potential towards becoming the principal stakeholders of their cultural businesses.
  • Creation of alternative choices of lifestyles for young consumers.


Social Capital:

Organising the rural poor into revenue generating grassroots enterprises, JIYO! provides them ownership, as its principle stakeholders and facilitates linkages between self-managed cluster level institutions and contemporary markets.

Economic Capital:

Setting up an Artisan Investment Fund in the clusters to develop innovative financial products covering livelihood activity loan; pilot-testing producer credit card schemes; e-commerce; trade and infrastructure financing; insurance.

Creative Capital:

Capacity building through design-led skill development and training in management, marketing, trade facilitation, monitoring and evaluation systems.

  • Navratna, Jiyo's Vision for Products & Services
  • Mission & Objectives
  • Navratna, Jiyo's Vision for Products & Services